The Space Module

A while back, Performance One approached us to work on a multimedia installation to expand an earlier concept we produced for them that featured fake aliens. So, one of us jokingly said "we should build a spaceship".

We were thinking to explore the idea of a space module as a space for meetings. Would being so uncomfortably close to each other change the way we work and think together?

Unbeknown to us, this project would become a great mental and physical workout, but more on that later.

The module comes equipped with an interior ambient light that changes according to the mood of the astronauts.

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A complete control panel lets the commander and co-pilots operate the module.

The onboard computer is slightly smarter than the Apollo Guidance Computer, which took people to the Moon. And, as a bonus, it has WiFi. Not trying to imply anything here, but just FYI.

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Speaking about going places, the commander can choose one of 40 destinations and then launch the module into the void of their imagination:

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Since the module is still missing its propulsion systems, we can't claim that it will fly anywhere, but at least we've equipped it with some informative user interfaces and a few interactions which should bring enjoyment to the commander and co-pilots:

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Plus, there's a timer that keeps track of launch / landing / journey / meeting times:

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We know what you're thinking: "I love it, but can it take selfies?"

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Some more snippets of The Space Module in movie action:

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To be continued

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