Insights from the Digital World

We were commissioned by suchdialog to make a multimedia installation about recent innovations in technology and their impact on humans.

So we took this opportunity to also try to cure our nightmares with technology that is gradually taking over. Unfortunately, not only that the cure didn't work, but the 12 resulting machines took over our workshop for far longer than expected.

We now have machines for everything: coffee machines, washing machines, etc. What if we had a decision-making machine?

"Invest in crypto?", "Buy a new house?", "Get married?", "Quit my job?", and so on...

Whatever the question is, think about it, then press the button and let the machine above decide for you.

A simple photo or lots of digital fingerprints.
How soon until we'll have digital copies of ourselves with their own lives?

As stated with the machine above, trying to achieve the perfect work-life balance leads most of the time to something, unbalanced, useless, messy, and noisy.

Is Virtual Reality nothing but a higher state of consciousness or are we just kidding ourselves?

About distorting reality and truth meters:

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Commerce and the shared economy:

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Biometrics and fully integrated weearables:

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Data privacy and misinformation:

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