This is a video installation commissioned by Such Dialog. The final project contains 12 individual stations.

Facts and alternative facts: we only want to know everything no matter the source.

Please allow cookies. You shouldn't care if they mapped all your consumption habits.

Where's my self-driving vehicle, RFID station-machine?

The ability to customize everything just makes things easier at my Favorite Online Shop.

It's really silent in this Meditation Virtual Reality Space Place. Helmet on, now breathe in and breathe out.

Work-life balance is now perfectly achievable for anyone. Why not let this Mechanical Life Balancer do it for you?

Body metrics interpreted wisely can help you become an alpha-human. Just try our new Smart Station. Guaranteed to make you avoid all eating disorders.

This machine clones a human into a digital version of themselves. It's called a Digital Selfie Maker.

A stream of information can be turned into useful propaganda as long as you process it thru a relevant framework.

Why use your brain when you've got a Decision-Making Machine?