An ad campaign with expensive cars that is supposed to be funny, but turned meta here and there.

We wrote and produced all these videos, with extra care to not destroy the cars with Jörg's heavy light rigs. Proof of that is to be found at the bottom of the page.

Spoiler alert: due to Covid restrictions, we couldn't have anyone shagging in the van above, therefore we used a steamer and a very strong grip person to simulate the romantic moment by pushing the van on a very precise 102 pushes-per-minute rhythm.

The difficulty with the Jaguar was to convince the location owner to bring in a British car in an everything-except-british-vehicle-only garage.

If you look closely, there's a person covered by a blanket that opens the right-side Lambo door on cue, although the opening of the doors in the wide shot didn't make the final cut.

Car Fact #324: For a fast car like the one above, it takes an unexpectedly long time to close up the side window, which we didn't count in the initial storyboards and created some troubles in the post.

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